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Drain Camera Inspection

Fair Dinkum Drainage is a Gold Coast plumber that employs CCTV drain cameras to avoid disturbing landscapes. We provide cost-efficient solutions that identify the causes. As a result, it saves money, and you avoid structural damage. CCTV drain camera inspection will save you from the inconvenience.

CCTV drain cameras will provide insight into the reasons for blocked toilets. Furthermore, it will also aid in the extensive assessment of stormwater drains. Thirdly, the camera will also warn the property owners of potential blockages in the future.

Are you concerned about pipe health? Fair Dinkum Drainage will send professional plumbers to inspect the pipes of grease and decaying food. The video inspection will provide real-time analysis so you can create a timeline for when the pipes require repair or cleaning.

A blocked drain on the Gold Coast can severely harm the property if they go unnoticed. Blocked drains can flood the house, building, or entire landscape. It will endanger the lives of your loved ones and other possessions, so contact us today for an expert CCTV drain Camera inspection.

What are the benefits?

Blocked drain camera inspection offers a non-invasive and efficient method for identifying issues within drainage systems. By inserting a camera into the pipes, specialists can pinpoint problems without the need for extensive excavation. This technology provides numerous benefits:

Accurate diagnosis: Allows for precise identification of blockages, leaks, cracks, or other issues within the drainage system.

Cost-effective: Helps prevent unnecessary digging or exploratory work, reducing overall repair costs.

Time-saving: Streamlines the inspection process, enabling quicker detection and resolution of drainage problems.

Preventive maintenance: Identifies potential issues before they escalate into major problems, allowing for proactive maintenance.

Minimal disruption: Minimizes disturbance to property and landscaping since it doesn’t require extensive excavation.

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Tips & Tricks

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To conduct a successful blocked drain camera inspection, ensure proper lighting and angle adjustments for clear visuals. Slowly navigate the camera through the drain, pausing at potential blockage points for thorough examination. Utilize markers or software features to note blockage locations and plan efficient removal strategies.