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Blocked Drain Repair

We are equipped with the best tools to assess broken drains. The following may be the causes

  • Tree roots
  • Collapsed drain
  • Ground movement
  • Foreign objects i.e., fencing pickets or posts

Immediately call Fair Dinkum Drainage if you observe the following signs

  • An unwelcoming odour is coming from a blocked drain. These are caused by material breakdown, emitting nitrogen and hydrogen sulphide.
  • If the toilet water level is too high, you might need professional plumbers to assess the underground pipes.
  • Does water keep resurfacing in your sink or shower? Pick up the phone and reach out to us if you see signs of a blocked drain.

You should never take broken drains lightly. Most clogged drains occur when they are the least unexpected. However, most blocked sewer problems can be avoided with regular check-ups.

Fair Dinkum Drainage will visit your home and business to provide you with an estimate regarding broken drains. Professional plumbers will arrive fully stocked with the latest technology to eliminate clogging challenges.

Fair Dinkum Drainage specializes in drain repair caused by cracked pipes and collapsing drains. Pesky tree roots can also harm drains. If you are experiencing stormwater drains overflowing, overflowing pipes or broken drains, Fair Dinkum Drainage is ready to provide ever-lasting relief.

What are the benefits?

Blocked drain repair is crucial for maintaining a functional plumbing system and preventing water damage in residential or commercial properties. By addressing blockages promptly, property owners can avoid more extensive issues and ensure smooth drainage operations.

  • Prevents water damage to property interiors.
  • Eliminates foul odors caused by stagnant water.
  • Restores proper drainage, preventing backups.
  • Reduces the risk of structural damage from water buildup.
  • Preserves the integrity of the plumbing system, prolonging its lifespan

Tips & Tricks

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Blocked drain repair can be a hassle, but there are some tips and tricks to make the process smoother. Firstly, try using a plunger to dislodge the blockage. If that doesn’t work, a mixture of baking soda and vinegar followed by hot water can sometimes break down the obstruction. For tougher clogs, a drain snake or auger can be effective in physically removing the blockage. Prevention is key, so regularly flushing drains with boiling water and avoiding dumping grease or large food particles down the drain can help prevent future blockages. If all else fails, it may be necessary to call a professional plumber to assess and repair the issue.